Sweating to Productivity

Do you get your daily exercise? Are you an evanglist for your local gym or do you roll your eyes each time "that friend" tells you how much increasing their heartrate for an hour has changed their life?

I am approximately two months into spending 100% of my work days creating for my freelance clients. I've learned so much about how to organize my time and how to make my work day as productive as possible. Over the next little while I'm going to be sharing some of the tips and tricks that are making a difference for me personally.

Working in a solitary and self-motivating environment is so completely different from commuting into a shared and open office space. It's much easier to stay on task when you are in a workplace surrounded by other people working toward a shared goal. Working at home in solitude with no one but my little lego Gandalf for company presents a number of motivational hurdles. There have been many successes over these past 8 weeks and there are still many things to learn.

First things first... Gym Time.

The very first thing I do in the mornings is hit the gym. As someone who has had to battle through mental illness and the stereotypical productivity fears and procrastination of an artist I can't express enough just how important this daily rhythm is.

  1. My mood is boosted in a way that I haven't otherwise been able to duplicate.
  2. My hour and a half in the gym spent working my body frees my mind to begin to process my day. I end up automatically prioritizing and reminding myself of what needs to be done.
  3. Paired with a healthy lunch, I have buckets more energy to make all the hours before the kids get home for dinner as creatively productive as possible.
  4. Getting up an hour earlier to hit the weights makes me go to bed earlier too. I find that I sleep better and in a healthier rhythm.
  5. I end up looking damn good! (Just don't look too closely!)

So if you like me are fighting against resistance and often losing, do yourself a monster favor and get a gym membership, or a bike helmet, or just put on your shoes and walk/jog/run/crawl your way to an elevated heartrate and stinky armpits. It not only will help you live longer and increase the quality of that life, it boosts your day right now! There is nothing like the feeling you get from accomplishing something at 7 a.m. for setting yourself up for daily success.