#tbt: An Origin Story

Almost none of my highschool or pre-highschool artwork has survived the decades. Unless my mom has something stashed away somewhere, which is highly likely.

Yet, somehow this image of a pencil crayon sketch (my medium of choice 22 years ago) of Pimple of Battletoads fame has survived by way of my hard drive.

Back in Time Just a Little Bit More...

If I could somehow track down my original sketchbook from Grade Three I would be smiling for many a day. My Grade Three teacher tired of me continually doodling on every piece of paper on my desk. She called me up to her desk one day and presented me with a home-made book of blank drawing pages. Hoping to prevent me from filling every inch of my class work with doodles, she told me that whenever I was finished my classwork ahead of time I could ask to draw in this book. Instant love!

I had no idea that such a thing existed! A book full of blank pages for me to draw in? Unbelievable!

And just like that art went from being the itching in my bored fingers to a skill that I could picture myself working on for the rest of my life.

So that is a portion of my origin story. I'm sure that in the future more will be illuminated from the perspective of alternate universes and the such.