Murdered With Complacency

the market tables will never stay overturned
neither do the fishing boats remain at the dock
one by one, provocations are forgotten
the prophet recast as attacker...disturber...malcontent

fierce resistance gives way to same-old, same-old
the canvas that sells is the pretty one
while the absurd and ugly markings are less desired
than a cactus at a birthday party

the telephone rings and busyness commences
double shots of espresso are ordered 
my bank account is automatically debited
I complain about the heat of the liquid in my paper cup

This was an exercise in taking twelve completely random words and finding a thread to connect them. I used them, one word per line, in the order that I originally wrote them down.

The words:

  • market, dock, one, attacker
  • fierce, canvas, absurd, cactus
  • telephone, double, account, heat