Each Serif has its Sans

Image taken from a great article on font pairings at http://www.typography.com/techniques/

Image taken from a great article on font pairings at http://www.typography.com/techniques/

It’s not quite here, but Spring has been calling. And the charges are no longer long distance!

I am impulsive. My moods swing like a pendulum with the slightest shifts in weather. A tasty coffee in the morning can make all the difference in how the rest of the day proceeds. I know this is a character flaw, but the bursts of love and passion that lay down on me at unexpected moments throughout the year make it somehow worth it.

Of course, there are still the opposite moments of inertia and fear. But today, is a day of hope and promise!

Moods, Favourites and Pairings

I was talking with a friend on the weekend about the concept of “favourites”. It is not uncommon to be in a small-talk situation where someone will break the ice by asking, “What is your favourite such and such?” That innocuous and friendly conversation starter fills me with unreasonable stress. But I’ve found a thought that helps me to make sense of my silliness.

I feel a need to pair things. I can’t just have a favourite such and such without fitting it into a context or joining it to a particular mood or moment. I think this makes sense with the bipolar, tidal movement of my life. What is a favourite and wonderful experience one week is dreadful the next. What defines my mood one week is my antithesis the next.

Nothing is without context.
Everything has a story.
Everyone has a family.
Each day has its own song and image.

Just as the larger stories of our collective life cannot be separated from their epochal turnings, the moments of each day need to be left settled into their own textured webs of connection.

A song, film, painting, typeface, story, or friendship have their own special pairings and contexts that bring out the most intricate and beautiful notes, just as each wine has its cheese.