Carrie & Lowell; Perfectionism & Art

Plug in your headphones! We aren't treated to new music from Sufjan Stevens nearly as often as he seemed to be promising us 10 years ago, but when it does come it is nothing short of a blessing.

Sufjan's new album 'Carrie & Lowell' is streaming today on Listening to his music always leaves me with the impression that every note and tone has been rethought for weeks. But rarely does the final product sound over processed or contrived in any way. There is a lightness to his creations, though I have no doubt that this lightness was not arrived at quickly. I see in Sufjan Stevens a familiar perfectionism that probably prevents many wonderful creations from ever seeing a final form.

And while the above is complete self-reflective conjecture; luckily for all of us, he is still compelled to create despite the agony that might accompany the process.